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The service and maintenance for the different IRRAD systems described below are provided by the Solid State Detectors Support group in EP-DT.

 Information & Registration for the IRRAD proton run 2017 are available here


 Information about the new Gamma Irradiation Facility (GIF++) are available here


Two types of irradiations can be performed:

Proton irradiation

Using 24 GeV/c protons at the new IRRAD Facility. Register a New Sample

Page CPS

CPS Structure

Neutron irradiations

See the CHARM facility.

RADMON LHC experiments (sensors for irradiation facilities)       

Other facilities outside CERN

In collaboration with other institutes, we also offer the possibility to have access to irradiation facilities outside CERN.

Access to data

You can follow the progress of the irradiation of the samples that are registered to be irradiated or can have access to information about samples previously irradiated.

Dosimetry results and SET's inventory

User registration status from the facility menu selection

Users registration

In order to use the web site to submit samples to be irradiated, the name(s) of the user(s) and of the experiment under which the irradiation are to be performed have to be in our database. To consult or modify the list of validated users and experiment click here.

Contact for irradiation:

Glaser Maurice irradiation.facilities@cern.ch

+41 22 76 72058

(Phone & Mobile)
Ravotti Federico irradiation.facilities@cern.ch

+41 22 76 74280

(Phone & Mobile)

AIDA - Financial support for users (ENDED)

The irradiation facilities are part of the AIDA Transnational access program

More details are given here

Common database for irradiated materials and components, as part of the AIDA: here

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