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In order to use the web site to submit samples to be irradiated, the name(s) of the user(s) and of the experiment under which the irradiation are to be performed have to be in our database. To consult or modify the list of validated users and experiment click here.

Please provide the following  information for your irradiation @ IRRAD1 : (Please do not use this character: ' )

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Emergency Phone *

The emergency phone should be easily reachable in case of problem with your irradiation

Period *

For long irradiation experiments, indicate the preferred starting period and provide more information below as Comment

Experiment *
Nb. of Sample(s) *
Material(s) *
Dimensions * (mm)
Fluence * (particles/cm2)
Electrical wires

please list the required connections (see here) indicating the estimated power consumption

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  Please indicate here any special requirement for your irradiation.
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  Please provide a justification for your experiment including the time scale of your project.Without this information we will not be able to process your request.

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