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    IRRAD-3 & IRRAD-5 just like IRRAD-1, is an irradiation zone at the CERN PS east hall, where samples can be exposed to a 

    24 GeV/c proton beam (area ~ 2 x 2 cm2) and reach fluencies of 1 - 3 x 1013 p/cm2 per hour. 

    Samples of larger dimensions can be irradiated here, but a short access to a controlled area can be done only during MD (Machine Development)  or Irrad-Access. 


The operation of this facility ended in 2012 (from 2014 see here)


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For more details, consult the following links:

                                                              !! New  procedure for IRRAD-3, 5, 7, 9   ACCESS !!

    Schedule                 How to package samples to be irradiated at the PS-IRRAD facilities





   Dosimetry results and SET's inventory    

    Location of facilities and phone numbers

   User registration status          (All Sets registered This Year.pdf)
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